Rolling Pin Tortillas!

Rolling Pin Tortillas!

There’s a first time for everything… And a few nights ago I made tortillas for the first time!

Tortillas were scary to me. What if I couldn’t get them rolled out thin enough? What if they cooked too fast? What if they burned?


Well, I’m glad to say that none of that happened. Tortillas are incredibly easy to make. Why pay $2+ at the grocery store when you can make your own for cheaper? Plus they are healthier for you than their store bought companions.

They are so very easy to make. You’ll need the following:

Rolling Pin Tortillas

3 cups flour

1/3 cup oil (olive or coconut are what I recommend!)

1 cup warm water

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

First, place the flour in a mixing bowl, then add the baking powder and salt. Mix well.

Next, make a hollow in the middle and add the oil and hot water. The dough should come together soft and pliable. If it doesn’t seem to be, add up to a 1/4 of a cup more water.

Flattened balls of dough
Flattened balls of dough

Divide dough in half, and half again. And again, and again, and again. Divide until you have between 14 and 16 balls that fit in your hand. Flour your working surface and press them out as much as you can with your palm and let rest for 15 minutes, but do not stack them on top of each other. Or else they’ll stick. That’s why I hung mine on bowls.

After the 15 minutes have passed, keep a little extra flour around your working surface to flour your rolling pin. As you see, I used my wooden rolling pin and a cookie sheet to roll them out on. For ease of cleaning up.

Rolled Tortilla
Rolled Tortilla

Start a skillet heating on your stove on medium-high heat with just a little oil or butter. Roll out your flattened balls, in whatever shape you prefer. Mine came out rectangle-ish, no matter how circular I tried to make them. And again, I let them rest on the bowl so they would retain their shape while the others cooked. Aim for about 6-7 inches, if not more.

Frying tortilla
Frying Tortilla

Next, fry them up! It only takes a minute or two per side. If they start cooking too fast, turn down the heat. To slow, turn up the heat. Place them in an air-tight container or a plastic bag once done so they won’t lose their elasticity and become tortilla chips.

And enjoy! Or, once cooled completely, store in the fridge for around a week or the freezer indefinitely. Just place a damp paper towel or rag in the microwave to heat them up so they retain their elasticity.

They aren’t all that hard. Go ahead and try them! And if you have any questions, as below.


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