“This is What We Call Entertainment?!”

“This is What We Call Entertainment?!”

In my beautiful town in North Western Oklahoma, there are two festivals going on. The First Annual Twister Alley Film Festival and a heath fair called The Pulse. Sadly, I am at work this weekend, so that means no fun festivals for me.

Working at the library today, a regular patron came in to get copies made. She’s a middle-aged lady who has a lot of spunk. As I made her copies, she told me that one of her students (she subs) had given her a ticket to the festival. She told me that she walked out of two of the films. I inquired why.

“They showed a film of a woman shaving her legs. She cut herself with the razor… then she continued to cut herself again and again.”

The other film was of a man being raped by another man.


This is entertainment?

This is gross.

Being as this was a family event, why would you show something like that?

Our morals not only in America, but across the world, have declined so rapidly. Why? Look around you.

My husband’s grandmother, Ma, as we called her, remembers when she first saw a commercial for tampons on television. It was highly embarrassing for everyone in the room. You just didn’t put things like that on television.

Some may call this progress, but I call it disgusting and immoral. We’re letting innocent minds be corrupted with trash. “Shock factor” has become the best thing producers, writers, actors, and artists can do to keep a following on their projects. Whatever happened to talent and plot?

It’s a slow fade until you have porn on everyday television.


2 thoughts on ““This is What We Call Entertainment?!”

  1. Can you say 50 shades of Grey. Sold out in Woodward. Talk about going to hell in a handbasket! We are headed for destruction. 😨


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