Gender Revealed!

Gender Revealed!

A few days ago I said I was expecting. Well the news is even bigger!

Not bigger like twins or triplets or anything like that, thank goodness. I think I should try to get used to one baby the first time around!

We learned I am about a week farther along than originally expected! Which means this baby will be coming along around March 1st. I hope it’s born on February 29th though… How cool would that be?

We also learned and saw the gender…

*Drumroll please*



Homemaking: Why I Want It

Homemaking: Why I Want It

When I was 16, I decided I wanted to be a homemaker and be a stay-at-home mom. It just so happened that we (my brother, mother, and I) went to stay with my great grandparents. My brother told my great grandma he wanted to be a doctor and, as with everyone he told, she was so excited.

I went and cried alone in a bedroom. My mother came and found me and asked me what was wrong. I explained to her between sobs that no one ever gets that excited when I mention I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom and wife. My mum told me that no matter how other people acted, she was proud of me and excited.

I’ve had people tell me how I need to go to college and get a job. I have a job and it pays pretty well. I don’t want to go to college because I don’t have anything I want to pursue in a degree level.

I’m not a full-time domestic engineer yet, but I still want to be. I want to homeschool my babies, to raise them and teach them right from wrong. I want to keep house and cook delicious meals from scratch. I want to tend a garden and, if I could, I would want to keep livestock. I want to be a helpmeet to my husband.

I’ve been attacked because of this. I’ve been told women need to be out working and leave their babies with daycare or schools.


I’ve been told to be superwoman.
To keep a full-time (or longer) job and bring home a paycheck that rivals (or exceeds!) my husbands.
To raise my children by seeing them only in the early mornings and evenings, sending them off to someone else that watches them grow up and teaches them how they want them to think.

To pick up fast food to feed the family every night.
To do the cleaning, the dishes, the laundry on weekends and be continually stressed about them.

To do what is on my agenda and to meet my goals, then maybe give some to my husband.

To fight against men, tell them they are dumb for being how they are, and de-masculanize them.


And I can say that I don’t want to.

I don’t want to be superwoman.

I don’t want to be gone all day, working for someone else who I’m disposable to.

I don’t want to send my babies off when I can teach them, when God calls me to raise them in the paths they should go.

I don’t want to spend an exuberant amount of money on fast food, I want to cook from scratch, bake bread, kombucha, and kefir, to feed my family healthy foods.

I don’t want to have my weekends filled with cleaning. I want to have a bright clean house to relax in and for my husband to come home to each night.

I don’t want to give my leftovers to my husband after focusing on myself. I want him to know I’m his helpmeet, ready to be his partner in anything life throws at us.

And I don’t want to fight against men. I want to empower men.

A real man doesn’t attack women. A real man is a gentleman, not a rapist, an abuser, or someone who sees women as a doormat. I want to empower my husband, my sons, my father and father-in-law, my nephews, my uncles, my cousins, my brother and brother’s-in-law, and any other men to treat women with respect and dignity, as they are the gentler sex, even if many of them have been lied to. I want to empower them to stand up and be men, to be “strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:9) and to take responsibility for the well-being of their families. I want to charge them with being to their wives “as Jesus was to the church” (Ephesians 5:25-33). I want them to realize that they are the heads of their families and that they are the ones who are called to lead.


I want to teach women to be kind and loving to their men. My sisters in Jesus, my sister’s-in-law, my mother and mother’s-in-law, my nieces, my aunts, my cousins, my daughters, and any other women I meet everyday. I want to teach them to be the “crown of their husbands” (Proverbs 12:4a)¬† instead of the “rot in his bones” (Proverbs 12:4b). I want to teach them to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I want to teach them to be a Titus 2 woman. I want them to know what real submission is and how they are praising God when they “submit to their husbands as to God” (Ephesians 5:22-24; 33).

I want to fight against feminazism.

And I want to live righteously as I can, to bring glory to God.

Something Else Growing

Something Else Growing

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was growing something else.

While I’d love to have a cold frame, that isn’t going to happen this year, so it isn’t anything in my garden.

My mom makes kefir and kombucha, but I haven’t jumped on that wagon yet.

It’s not sourdough or sauerkraut, though eventually I would love to make both!

No, it’s nothing to do with bacteria or dirt…


That’s right. I’m 18 weeks pregnant.

And I am supposed to find out what it is this morning.


Mr. Husband and I are excited. From a maiden to a mother.

Keep us in your prayers!

Autumn Has Fallen

Autumn Has Fallen

Autumn is finally here. The leaves are turning all different shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown. The red ones are the prettiest.

A Zinna from this summer.

Mr. Husband and I cleaned out our flower gardens. They were quite messy with grass and weeds. We even accidentally pulled up some of the flowers (oops). This year we grew zinnas, daisies, and lots of other flowers I don’t know the names of in one garden. We also planted bulbs in that garden, though I cannot remember the names of those either. In another flower bed we grew bulbs and calendula (marigolds!). Unfortunately, calendula was the only herb/flower I was able to grow. I have been snipping heads off to dry and store.

I don’t think our rose bush will bloom again. We only had one blooming this year and I’m used to the several bloomings that happen at my mum’s with her big gorgeous rose bushes. I have found one rose hip on it so far.

I hope to plant at least one more rose bush next year. I love roses.

In our two vegetable plots, we grew (or tried to grow!) butternut squash, bell pepper, and watermelon, and jalapeno pepper and three tomato plants. The butternut squash only gave off about 5 or 6 squash, with the last one ripening on the vine. The watermelon grew two watermelons, one of which somebody stole… The bell pepper grew a tall plant… but not fruit, not even flowers graced it. The watermelon is trying to bloom again. It doesn’t have enough time to fruit before the frosts though, so as soon as the last butternut squash is done ripening, Mr. Husband and I will be mowing it over and preparing for next year.

Our tomato plants are doing well. We had bought two kinds. The first I can’t remember what it is called, but we have two plants of it. It grows beautiful red fruits¬†that look like Roma tomatoes. The other plant is a Mortgage Lifter. Those pretty tomatoes have turned out pink for me. The tomato plants are still flowering. The first frost will be soon though. But we will cover the tomatoes to prolong their growing season.

The jalapeno plant did spectacularly. Every time we thought it was done, it would flower again and even more peppers would grow!

Next year I hope to have a bigger garden. We bought a bunch of seeds from Atwoods, so hopefully they’ll grow. I don’t seem to have much luck starting seeds!

Something else is growing too. More on that tomorrow!