Autumn Has Fallen

Autumn Has Fallen

Autumn is finally here. The leaves are turning all different shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown. The red ones are the prettiest.

A Zinna from this summer.

Mr. Husband and I cleaned out our flower gardens. They were quite messy with grass and weeds. We even accidentally pulled up some of the flowers (oops). This year we grew zinnas, daisies, and lots of other flowers I don’t know the names of in one garden. We also planted bulbs in that garden, though I cannot remember the names of those either. In another flower bed we grew bulbs and calendula (marigolds!). Unfortunately, calendula was the only herb/flower I was able to grow. I have been snipping heads off to dry and store.

I don’t think our rose bush will bloom again. We only had one blooming this year and I’m used to the several bloomings that happen at my mum’s with her big gorgeous rose bushes. I have found one rose hip on it so far.

I hope to plant at least one more rose bush next year. I love roses.

In our two vegetable plots, we grew (or tried to grow!) butternut squash, bell pepper, and watermelon, and jalapeno pepper and three tomato plants. The butternut squash only gave off about 5 or 6 squash, with the last one ripening on the vine. The watermelon grew two watermelons, one of which somebody stole… The bell pepper grew a tall plant… but not fruit, not even flowers graced it. The watermelon is trying to bloom again. It doesn’t have enough time to fruit before the frosts though, so as soon as the last butternut squash is done ripening, Mr. Husband and I will be mowing it over and preparing for next year.

Our tomato plants are doing well. We had bought two kinds. The first I can’t remember what it is called, but we have two plants of it. It grows beautiful red fruits that look like Roma tomatoes. The other plant is a Mortgage Lifter. Those pretty tomatoes have turned out pink for me. The tomato plants are still flowering. The first frost will be soon though. But we will cover the tomatoes to prolong their growing season.

The jalapeno plant did spectacularly. Every time we thought it was done, it would flower again and even more peppers would grow!

Next year I hope to have a bigger garden. We bought a bunch of seeds from Atwoods, so hopefully they’ll grow. I don’t seem to have much luck starting seeds!

Something else is growing too. More on that tomorrow!


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