To Everyone… From a Mom-To-Be

To Everyone… From a Mom-To-Be

You know what really, really makes me mad? It isn’t the fact that people at work don’t get me their work on time so I can do my job. It isn’t the fact that our world is falling apart, aided by progressive-minded individuals who believe we need to regulate morals and legalize immoral behavior. It isn’t the fact that these same individuals think Islam is the “religion of peace.” No, it’s the fact that we feel we need to shame mothers.

Mothers need a free choice when it comes to how they want to be treated when they receive prenatal care. They need free choice on how they want to birth, where they want to birth, what they want done during the labor and birth, and how they want to be informed and treated during labor.

So many people try to scare new mothers (and fathers!) into birthing or parenting how they want the parents to. They try to manipulate, shame, guilt, scare, and coax parents into doing it their way. It could be because they only see one way to do it that is the right way. It could be because they are scared. It could be because they have an agenda.

Let’s say you are opposed to vaccines, like me. I don’t care if anyone else gets them, that’s their own choice. For me, I don’t want a chemical cocktail that is responsible for autism and other disorders shoved into my baby’s body when he’s barely a few minutes (even to months or years) old. Plus, there is the rDNA factor, but I won’t get into that.

Let’s say someone who knows you do not get the flu shot tries to shame you for not getting it because, “You’re putting your child at risk!”

Whoa. No. Back up. For one, let’s start with the CDC not even being sure the flu shot works every year. Why get a chemical cocktail injected into your muscles because there is a 50% chance it might work? And why have the rDNA in your system from whatever strain of flu happens to be in the vaccine?

I wish more people who blindly get the vaccines were to do their research. I wish in the pamphlets for any of the shots, there would be a disclaimer for rDNA, what it is, and what it can do. I wish that vaccine manufacturers, Big Pharma, and the doctors that push the vaccines could be held liable for injuries resulting in any use of vaccines. But I can wish for all these things and more.

Back to the point of this rant. Women don’t need to be shamed because of how they parent.

Vaccinate? That’s great! Don’t choose to vaccinate for moral, health, etc. reasons? Fantastic! Had a voluntary c-section in the hospital? Good for you! Had a home birth with a doula and midwife present as well as your husband? Congratulations! Choose to put your kids in public school? Great choice! Home school your brood? Amazing!

The fact is that people become defensive when people attack them by telling them their way is wrong or even just disagreeing with the way they did it. Some may even say, “Your way was great for your family, but my family will be going a different route,” and that cues people to criticize and attack. Why not just stick by the old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?” Haven’t you seen Bambi enough times for that saying to be pounded in your head? If not, go watch it. Repeatedly. Even better, find the clip on youtube. Less time. And you can watch it repeatedly.

For the love of our sanity, people, let others parent the way they have researched and feel is best. And we will do the same for you. Don’t be a troll (in real life OR online). Find your tribe, the people who think the same way you do, and talk about it with them.

Rant over.